We may not be very well on the side of roads and highways, but in terms of natural beauty, great places to visit and book we are certainly in front of many. And because it’s not long until summer, I thought I’d recommend some of the locations that I consider very beautiful and that deserve to be checked if we are to relate to location, food, and hospitality; especially since some of them are not even very far from Bucharest.

Hadar Chalet

We open the list with a beautiful location, hidden somewhere in the woods away from the noise of cars or neighbors, located right in the middle of the forest. Surely when you get here you leave behind any worries, any noise, any problems and you charge yourself with energy just listening to the birds chirping and the warm summer wind. The location is a fairytale land, a real luxury 12-room chalet with a huge, well-kept garden, a tennis court, a trout farm, an outdoor pool, and a restaurant with fresh and very tasty food.


In the ’80s when it was built, the location was dedicated exclusively to the leaders of that time, here taking place important state visits at that time. In time, however, the location was returned and later bought and completely renovated, in a spectacular setting.

In addition to the natural landscape and the oasis of peace in the area, the food is always fresh, prepared only with natural dishes from the area, and the location staff is always willing to help you.

Pastel Chalet

This location is truly a fairytale place in Brașov, located in the Ciucaș Natural Park, with 15 beautiful rooms, each decorated in a different style, with a unique atmosphere and its own story. The 3-bed guesthouse and restaurant are located in a deserted and quiet area, an area where you can enjoy long walks in the surroundings, hiking, or cycling (bicycles can be rented right from the guest house). It is a place where you can connect with nature, observe its transformations and colors, in a word, enjoy nature with all its beauties.

Pastel Chalet is far from the place to stay because you have no choice. On the contrary, it is the kind of place for which you go especially 3 hours by car, from Bucharest. First of all, because the Buzău Customs area is extraordinary in terms of nature. And secondly, because Pastel Chalet has a chic cottage air, being the kind of place to go to relax and enjoy nature, in very good conditions.

By the Lake

The location is just 28 km from Bucharest and includes 5 separate bedrooms, an attic, and a living room. It also has a 3000-meter garden, a terrace overlooking the lake, and a heated outdoor Jacuzzi overlooking the lake. By The Lake is a family project, hosted by Gabriel the architect of the location, and Taisia, who also took care of the interior design. And even if it is only a few km away from Bucharest, the location is in the middle of nature, where you can run with family and friends to enjoy a few days away from the madness of the city.

You will find here a cottage on the lake, with rooms inspired and decorated with accessories from Mexico and Cuba, with Balinese influences, but of course also Romanian traditions. Without a doubt, the location has everything you need for your well-being to come first. Here you will find selected dishes, a lemonade bar, a coffee area, sun loungers, and parasols, as well as a barbecue grill.

Acacia Village

It is another location that deserves to be checked and that also has a great advantage that it is very close to Bucharest, only 45 km away, in Ogrezeni, Giurgiu County. The property is located in the middle of nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and offers accommodation in bungalows and double rooms with special facilities. Acacia Village is a corner of nature with all facilities, and a unique concept in Romania, which offers its customers all the ingredients needed for total relaxation, from the games room, sports field and mini-golf, spa, pool, orchard, lakes, and gardens.

The food is always fresh, prepared from the ingredients of the farm and its own garden. The orchard and the park surrounded by acacias are true oases of peace and beauty. Also, the garden is a beautiful place where you can walk admiring the pheasants that roam free in the yard. And last but not least, hospitality is a strong point of this location. From the moment you arrive, you will be greeted by staff who will make sure that nothing is missing during your stay here.

Raven’s Nest – the hidden village

The location is hidden in the heart of the Apuseni Mountains, close to Cluj, and is the ideal destination to escape the hectic city life. As the name suggests, “the hidden village”, the location is hidden in a small valley, surrounded by a peasant fence, where you are greeted by a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The hosts of the pension are Adi and Alina, a couple from Cluj who decided to leave behind the hectic life of the city to reconnect to nature and ancient traditions, and so with passion and a lot of work, they managed to create this wonderful place.

Raven’s Nest consists of three-hundred-year-old traditional houses, restored with the utmost care. And even if all the furniture and decorations are inspired by the Transylvanian culture, the whole ensemble offers at the same time all the comfort of the modern world. You can spend a wonderful weekend here, and you can enjoy all that the place and surroundings like the mountains and the surrounding forest have to offer. During the day you can relax in the hammock area and in the evening you can admire the starry sky from the jacuzzi located at the edge of the forest or you can watch a movie at the open-air cinema, organized within the location by the owners.

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