For mountain lovers but also for movement lovers, hiking is a wonderful form of physical exercise because, in addition to the effort, several categories of muscles from all areas of the body are involved. In addition, you can enjoy beautiful landscapes, fresh air, and fresh oxygen, but also the sound of nature.

And because this physical activity cannot be done at any time of the year, especially if you do not have much experience with the mountain, the summer season is the best time to run to the mountains, to choose a more difficult route or easier, depending on your physical condition, and take a few hours hike in the mountains or even days if you are ready to spend the night in a tent.

For an escape to the mountains you need first of all goodwill and some energy, especially if you choose a route with a higher slope, so more to climb. But even so, the movement on the mountain does not compare with that at the gym, because in the mountains you exercise while sitting in the fresh air, you relax admiring the landscape, you enjoy your free time and you breathe fresh air only good for you to charge with energy.

Another aspect to consider when choosing this mode of movement is to consider the choice of appropriate equipment. If when you go to the sea it is enough to have with you one or two T-shirts and a swimsuit, on the mountain things are a little different. Depending on the type of activity, season, altitude, weather forecast but also the duration of the trip, the equipment must be adapted. But most importantly, don’t forget to buy a pair of boots suitable for the season you go to the mountains, to have a T-shirt or even two, to exchange with you, and a fleece jacket for the moment you reach the top of the mountain.

Also when climbing the mountain you can burn from 300 calories/hour to 800 calories/hour, depending on the weight of each and especially the degree of inclination of the terrain on which you climb. A medium to steep route involves a terrain with a slope between 6-15%. Instead, a 35-degree incline means a steep slope, which requires more effort and automatically more calories burned on the route.

How climbing a mountain helps us

We can only talk about the benefits of hiking in the mountains because the outdoor movement can only help our mind, soul, and body.

1. Weight loss

Because hiking involves burning a lot of calories, one of the main benefits of this type of exercise is weight loss, especially if they are associated with a proper diet and a balanced lifestyle.

2. Reduces the risk of various health problems

This type of cardio exercise can reduce cholesterol levels, control or prevent hypertension, thus helping in the fight against obesity and diabetes, or various heart problems.

3. Better mobility of bones and joints

Hiking helps you develop your muscles, strengthen your bones, and in this way, osteoporosis can be kept at bay.

4. Breathe better

Traveling in the mountains helps the respiratory function through the quality of the breathable air and thus the lungs remain healthier, avoiding pneumonia, bronchitis, and other lung diseases.

5. Get rid of depression

It is scientifically proven that traveling in nature helps us eliminate negative and anxious thoughts. Certainly, when you reach the top of the mountain or a stop on the trail, with an incredible panorama around you, it is impossible not to feel good mentally due to the accumulated mental energy but also the pride in yourself that you managed to overcome obstacles, over the physical effort, to exceed your limits and to reach where you set out, on top of the mountain.

So we invite you to climb the mountain more often because this form of outdoor movement helps your mind, soul, and body, gives you energy, courage, and confidence that you can do whatever you set out to do in life.


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